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...your investment and efforts in building a family, home and a company are only as secure as the infrastructure that supports them.

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Security & Problem Free Networks by Design

Our mission is to build and support a reliable and effective security and network infrastructure for every Spectrum Security Corp. client.  We see this website as a resource to help you help us in attaining that goal. The information we provide here will help you assess your own needs and make informed decisions regarding how to address those needs

It’s also important to us, and to you, that these resources reflect those values that have made us one of the most effective and respected organizations in the industry...integrity, efficiency, and an uncompromising commitment to quality products, installations and post installation services.

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In the following pages we will offer not only a profile of our company and it's services, but a resource for information on how to determine the most effective means of  protection for your family, friends and possessions. You'll also gain a better understanding of the network infrastructures that effect your life on a day to day basis. Whether it's a home audio/video/intercom network, a critical systems monitoring program for your office servers, or an access control for your multi-tenant development, we can help you appreciate the impact a superior or inadequate installation of these services can have on your personal and professional life. Through our security programs, we'll help you acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure the well being of those people and things most important to you.

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Spectrum Security Corporation,  P.O. Box 430, Maple Ridge, BC. V2X 8K9
Ph: (604)467-0393  Fx: (604)467-0375

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